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System Monitoring Dashboard

System health monitoring is one of the very critical businesses as usual activities and companies invest heavily to ensure that the systems are highly available at all times. As system non availability directly impacts the business productive and results in loss. Whilst system non availability due to sudden spikes cannot be predicted or tracked; but the gradual degradations can be avoided completely. This is a slow process but impacts are high. This requires closely monitoring all the key system factors over period of time and analysing their behaviour. Since this is quite time consuming and labour intensive activity only businesses supporting real-time or very critical business processes implement such monitoring functions.


The main aim of our product is to simplify this activity for all businesses running SAP solutions. Our solution records various key parameters and projects their behaviour over a timeline. The performance is graded as amber and red so that even end users can understand them without any training. The solution is completely automated and thus rather than spending hours on analysis; a simple page will provide current as well as behaviours of the system over a period of time.

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